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Communications Cabling

Phones At Work technicians are ACA licenced to install communications cabling and components.

A professionally designed and properly installed communication cabling network helps improve efficiency of your business’s operating systems and can lower costs by:

  • Installing the right grade of cable based on the customer’s needs.
  • Improving longevity of the system by mitigating undue stress on the cables.
  • Reducing troubleshooting time by having things well labelled and neatly installed

Whether you are installing a brand new cabling system or expanding your existing system, Phones At Work technicians work with you to understand your voice and data needs. With that information, Phones At Work design a future-proof, easy-to-manage, scalable communication cabling solution that supports advances in technology, grows as your company grows and is easily maintained.

Phones At Work respect our clients’ time and budgets as an important part of ensuring a job is done right.

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