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As peaceful as it may be, how long will your business survive without phones?

Communications & IT will forever remain the key to any business’ success.  Your phone system should work for and grow with you, not against you.

Phones At Work is your premier Business Phone & Internet solution provider on the Sunshine Coast!

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Phones At Work provides complete Telecommunications solutions for Businesses of all types and sizes across the Sunshine Coast.  From Single User, Small Businesses, Medical Centres, Hotels & Hospitality, Mobile Businesses and more…

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Business Phone Solutions

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Stop paying too much! Regain control of your Phone & Internet Bill...

If you haven’t reviewed your bill in the last 12 months, you could be wasting money!

Bill Review

The team at Phones At Work are equipped to analyse your bill and provide a comparison quote based on Vonex telecom solutions.

Unlimited Local, National & Mobile Calls

Our plans allow you to better manage your spend by offering Unlimited Local, National & Mobile Calls.

Vonex Partner

Phones At Work is an authorised Vonex Channel Partner with direct access to reliable Voice & Internet Services Australia Wide.


The Phones At Work Difference...

Recent years have seen the lines between IT and Telephone Systems become increasingly blurred. The move to combine both Phones At Work & NOYTECH enables both teams to work seamlessly together delivering a complete solution and single point of contact for Clients.

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Easy access to all your Voice, Internet & IT needs in one place.  Find out how we can help you work differently!

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Get a FREE Quote for your Phone System Upgrade today!

Our team can discuss the best options with you to meet your needs now and into the future.  As part of the NOYTECH Group, we can also ensure your solution meets industry IT Security requirements.

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Phones At Work strives to exceed expectations and deliver simple, yet superior solutions to all Clients.  The feedback we receive is crucial to our success.

“Yay, all my life supports in the one place!”

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Have a burning question?

Here’s some of our most frequently asked questions…

How long does an install & transfer take?

Time to deliver the full solution can vary depending on the complexity of your solution.  Any new hardware is pre-configured where possible to minimise disruption on-site.  Installations are typically completed within a few hours and can be performed outside of business hours if required.


Transferring phone numbers and services from another Telco can take anywhere from a few days to numerous weeks and is typically aligned with the installation of a new Phone System.

Is there any downtime?

Where phone numbers or internet connections are being ported from another provider, they may be a small outage of approximately 30mins.  This can often be minimised by performing a temporary diversion to another number or utilising a backup internet connection.


Where required, installations can be performed outside of business hours.

Are there any contracts?

Minimum contract terms for Vonex Telecom services are typically 12 months.  Installation or connection fees may apply.


Vonex offers Qantas Business Rewards (QBR) for selected plans and services on a 36 months term.

Who's Vonex?

Vonex is one of Australia’s fastest growing Telco networks delivering solutions via a dedicated network of Channel Partners like Phones At Work.

Visit vonex.com.au